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Leeds Noise 2!

OUT NOW is the second limited edition Leeds inspired CD. The Leeds Noise Of The Valleys CD was meant to be a one-off limited edition but, due to popular demand, we decided to release a second compilation. Most of the tracks presented here come from six long-out-of-print compilation LPs from the 1980s - three Leeds albums: The Art Of Solving Problems (RAM Studios, 1980), Giraffe In Flames (AAZ Records, 1984) and The Kindness Of Strangers (Give For Life,1988), and three Bradford compilations Enemies Of The State (1984), Systembeat (1985), Systembeat 2 (1985) released on 1 In 12 Records. 

Again, some brilliant tracks from a few of the hundreds of Leeds bands of the 1980s yet to be rediscovered and documented.

Dedicated to the memory of John Hyatt (The Three Johns) and all of the Leeds-based musicians who have sadly left the scene. RIP.

The first Leeds Noise Of The Valleys CD is still available in limited quantities.

Both CDs are available from our website shop and at some of our splendid local record shops, including: Jumbo (Leeds), Vinyl Tap (Huddersfield), Grind'N'Groove (Keighley), Five Rise Records (Bingley), Groove'N'Greetings (Shipley).

Also out now is the latest Missing Music CD from Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys.

The Missing Music 8 is another limited edition CD that presents more ‘missing’ tracks from Bradford-born or based artists that were not included on any of the previous CDs that accompany Bradford‘s Noise Of The Valleys Volumes One and Two.

The CD features tracks from bands including John’s Followers, The Negatives, Kit Rolfe, The Word, Happiness Ad, FM, Voyager UK, Excalibur, Primate, Poppy Factory and Detrimental.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Andy ‘Tiddy’ Wells - keyboardist extraordinaire of Bradford-based bands including Bolyne, Baby Tuckoo, Verity and Voyager UK.

News about the long awaited Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys Volume 3 coming soon!


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