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...and then two come along at once!

CDs, we mean!

The Missing Music 7 is another limited edition CD that presents more ‘missing’ tracks from Bradford-born or based artists that were not included on any of the previous CDs that accompany Bradford‘s Noise Of The Valleys Volumes One and Two.

This latest CD in the series covers a thirty-year period spanning four decades of changing styles and fashions in music. It begins with the classic sound of the sixties, through seventies singer-songwriters into the indie pop songs of the eighties. The next stop is a delve into the local reggae scene before sampling an earful of nineties Bradford rock/metal.

While we were researching the Bradford‘s Noise Of The Valleys we came across a small town near Bradford that also has a music scene. We thought it only fair to highlight the fine music from this place, known as Leeds, and set about digging through Gary's record collection to see if we could find any records from there, and, guess what? We did!

NEW RELEASE! LEEDS NOISE OF THE VALLEYS! Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys presents this special limited edition CD of Leeds music to compliment the 2019 release It Ain’t Peters & Lee - Richard Rouska’s book on the Leeds music scene between the years 1977 and 1987. Amongst the 21 tracks are many bands that represented the punk, goth, post-punk and rock genres that emerged in Leeds during this time period.

Both CDs are available from our fabulous shop

and also from various real shops, including Vinyl Tap (Huddersfield), Five Rise Records (Bingley):and Jumbo in Leeds who have a rather nice promotion on the Leeds Noise Of The Valleys CD as well as stocking all our back catalogue.


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