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Root & Jenny Jackson - Lean On Me
Rodeo Jones - Shades Of Summer
Poppy Factory - Stars
Zed - The Articles Of Captain Mission
Orange World Of Titan - Big Baby
Pianoman - Blurred
Phil Gilbert
Paradise Lost - Gothic
Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise
New Model Army - Lost Songs
Mr Meana - Social Elite
Ironside - Woman
Little Brother - Champion The Underdog
Mannix - Suffer
Means To An End
Monorail - Like I Do
My Dying Bride - Like Gods Of The Sun
New Model Army - Bittersweet
New Electric Warriors
Krakatoa - Building Bridges
Ironside - Fragments Of The Last Judgement
Jan Dukes De Grey - Sorcerers
Western Dance
Guido - I'm Alone
Jab Jab
Grace Notes - Red Wine & Promises
Godfathers - Unreal World
Godfathers - Birth School Work Death
Fundamental - Erotic Terrorism
Psycho Surgeons - Panic On
Glamorous Hooligan - In Absentia
Freyed Knot - That Bradfunk
Fassbender Russell - Stay
Far Fetched - Songs About Love
New Model Army - Thunder And Consolation
Slack - In Our World
Shiny Beast - Ed Wood
Secret People - China
Scarlet Heights - Kicking And Screaming
Primate - Mad Monkey
Rootsman - International Language Of Dub
Pride - Mercenary Man
The Kiki Dee Band - I've Got The Music In Me
The Convulsions - Electro Convulsive Therapy
Psyche Psy Complex
Psycho Surgeons - New Barbarians
Muggins Blight - Mr Somebody
Kwai Chang Caine - The Ones That Never Learn
Psycho Surgeons - Doctor & The Inmates
Slammer - Nightmare Scenario
Mutiny 2000 - White Abbey Road
Toranaga - God's Gift
VR single
Zed - Mutiny 2000
Witchknot - Suck
Voorhees - Violent
Worm - Integral Virus
Moota - Music from The Big Blue Vein
Unique 3 - Rhythm Takes Control
Tiny Monroe - Volcanoes
Thundering Hearts - Single
Threshold Shift - Live 2002
The Loved Ones - Self Destruction For Beginners
Zed - Easy Does it
The Invaders - Girl's In Action
Psycho Surgeons - Madhouse
Sore Throat - Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid
Zodiac Mindwarp - Planet Girl
The Horton Carpets - Underlay
The Hollow Men - White Train
The Donkeys - What I Want
The Headmen - Reach For The Sky
The Bradford Kids - Christmas Song
The Dead Celebs - You've created A Monster
The Bradfords - It Turned Out Better Than We Hoped
The Negativz - Mental Case
Terrorvision - Perseverance
Susan Fassbender - Twilight Cafe
Summum Bonum - Song For Gary
Tasmin Archer - Great Expectations
Station West - Blues In The Red House
Sore Throat - And We Don't Care
Smokie - Living Next Door To Alice
Serenity - Breathing Demons

Bradford Noise - the music

There are currently 14 CDs worth of music collected to accompany the books. The first four CDs were released with Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys Volume One, followed by two Missing Music CDs collecting songs we didn't have available at the time the first set was released. both The Missing Music and The Missing Music 2 cover the period of the first book, 1967-1987.

Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys Volume 2 accompanied by a 6 CD box set which featured different genres. Following that, a double CD set - The Missing Music 3 & 4 was released in 2014 with a selection of recently found tracks and lost classics from the period covered by both books to date. 

The Missing Music 5 was released in 2016, The Missing Music 6 in 2019 and The Missing Music 7 in 2023.

Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys The Missing Music 2
Southern Death Cult album
The Word - Colour It
The Passmore Sisters - First Love, Last Rites
Embrace - Nature's Law
Roger Sutcliffe - Games Being Run
Middle 8 - Migration
Muggins Blight - Mr Somebody
Kiki Dee - Loving & Free
'Igginbottom's Wrench
New Model Army - The Love Of Hopeless Causes
Baby Tuckoo - First Born
Allan Holdsworth - Road Games
Toranaga - Bastard Ballards
Barbara Moore - A Little Moore Barbara
Tropicana - Reggae Christmas
Baby Tuckoo - Force Majure
Angeles - It's Alive
1 In 12 Club - Volnitza
Unique 3 - The Theme
Architect - Poets & Thieves
Solstice New Dark Age
At What Price Is Freedom front cover white border
1 In 12 - Volume 9.10
Welfare State album
Radio 5 - True Colours
Catch 22 - The Bantam Anthem
Anti System - Defence Of The Realm EP
The Crowd - You'll Never Walk Alone
Anita Madigan - The Dalai Lama Loves You All
Dubh Chapter - Happy Is The Bride
Barbara Moore - Headline
Big Bang
Blister Factory
Blood orange - Middle End Beginning
Bobby Charltons - Glow
Bomb Everything
KWAI Reel To Real Life cover
Bradford Bulls - Run With The Bulls
Camp Boyz - Millenium Buggers
What Does It Take 7 cover
Cajun Aces - Aces High
Stalingrad LP
Chorus Of Ruin - Ocean Of Sins
Chest - Angels
Champion Jack Dupree - From New Orleans To Chicago
Chest - Aniseed
Dayiah - Storm Clouds
Dedringer - Maxine
Doctor Man - Comin In Style
Excalibur LP
Embrace - One Big Family
Egomania - Paris Or New Orleans
Dubh Chapter - Touch EP
Psycho Surgeons - New Barbarians
1 In 12 Club - A Nightmare On Albion Street
Fundamental - Nation
Exposed - The Meeting Point
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