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Western Dance - In The Distance

New single out 30 October 2020. Available on download, stream and video.

Limited edition red and yellow splatter vinyl released 12 December, pre-order now. 

Newly reformed Bradford post punk band Western Dance return with their first new material since the '80s - the anthem to our new and disconcerting times. Written remotely and recorded in the brief easing of lockdown restrictions in their hometown of Bradford, UK, the song features strong infectious riffs, hook-laden melodies, incisive lyrics and a message of hope.

Liam Sheeran - vocals

Stephen Andrews - guitars, backing vocals

Ade Clark - bass, backing vocals

Matt Webster - drums, keyboards


In The Distance (Sheeran/Andrews)


Produced by Western Dance


Recorded at Signia Alpha Studios, Bradford, September 2020


Copyright 2020 by Western Dance


Mutiny 2000 Records 

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