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The new album from Signia Alpha


CD in square gatefold lancing pack with lyric insert.


Entropy is

'a glorious cacophony of psychedelia'

'an album that was worth waiting for'

'eclectic, imaginative and sparkingly clever, there's nonetheless an urgent uncompromisingly punk heart at the core'

Signia Alpha is spearheaded by drummer, producer, guitarist and songwriter Matt Webster who provides drums and most of the guitars. An impressive array of friends and guests add to the project, including;

Paul Gray (The Damned, Wingmen, Eddie & The Hot Rods, UFO, Sensible Gray Cells, Professor and the Madman) who adds his instantly recognisable bass guitar lines to every track,

Bradford singer/songwriter Harris (Chiang, Nowt, Zed), who provides the bulk of the vocals and some guitar parts,

Mathew Seamarks (from the rather marvellous Disciples of Spess - writer of 'This Song' which appeared on The Stranglers 'Dark Matters' LP') co-writes and sings 'Building Castles In Spain'.

Simon Nolan (Spyband, Zed and original vocalist with Anti-System) co-writes and sings 'On Diego Garcia',

Psychedelic lead guitarist Wulf Ingham lets rip to great effect on 'The price of Admission' and 'Hourglass',

Jazz saxophonist Keith Jafrate and flautist Chris Walsh also sprinkle their respective melodic flourishes on a few of the tracks.

Available in two colour variations, transparent swamp green and white/green/grey marble. Also on CD and streaming on all usual outlets!

Signia Alpha - Entropy CD

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