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Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys Volume 1

Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys is a series of books and CDs that tell the story of music scene of Bradford and the surrounding areas, including Keighley and Halifax, from the 1960s onwards.


Volume One covers the years 1967 to 1987, Volume 2 continues the history between 1988 and 1998 and Volume 3 will continue continue from 1999 to 2009. There may even be a Volume 4, which would take the history up to 2020!

The books contain hundreds of 'rock family trees' naming thousands of local musicians and bands, covering a whole range of musical styles.

They feature individual profiles of hundreds of bands and artists and many local clubs and venues. Every page is packed with photos, articles, posters and images from the periods and cover a massive range of musical styles from pop and rock to folk and blues to indie and punk to hardcore and doom metal to the dance scene.

The first four CDs are packaged in the CD set The Music 1967-87, CD five is entitled The Missing Music and collects some of the tracks that were not found in time to be released with the first book. It’s the same story with CD 6, The Missing Music 2 1972-1987The Missing Music 3 and 4 double CD compilation, which showcases music not featured on the previous CDs and covers the whole period of both books. Missing Music 3/4 was released as a double CD set in May 2014 and is available from Amazon, and our usual outlets.

CDs 7-12 are comprised as the 6 CD box set, The Music 1988-1998, which was released alongside Bradford’s Noise Of The Valleys Volume 2 1988-1998, in November 2013.

The latest addition to the Bradford Noise CD collection is The Missing Music 6, which was released in Novmber 2019.

Check out the fabulous CD collection, all available at special website only prices!

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November 9, 2019

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Available for live appearances, talks, quizes and etc...

Authors Gary Cavanagh and Matt Webster have also made several appearances at venues including pubs, clubs, libraries and festivals giving a talk peppered with audio clips of various bands and acts covered in the books and are available to do a talk tailored to a particular era or genre. 

There was even a Bradford's Noise Of The Valleys Local Music Pub Quiz, to great acclaim!

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